Monday, May 24, 2010

The first Safrai Excursion Was Right Away

We got orientation of the compound while we drank from our coconuts because we just had time to change clothes and head for the water. We were driven to our bungalows, but that was the last ride back to the center. Our rooms were almost the furthest away, nice and quiet and a chance to exercise before and after dinner. The whole row of bungalows fronted on the lake but not too close. We saw no mosquitoes. Yeah!

On the way to the safari we were out in the middle of no where and our driver was in contact with another driver. We caught on to this so were not surprised when all of a sudden a big white car was just barely visible ahead and our driver quickly pulled off the road. The white car was nose to nose with us in seconds. Our mission president and wife and daughter and her husband were on their way back from the safari. The other senior couple in our car were good friends from Alaska but had moved three years ago and it was a treat for them to see younger family members.

We stood at the side of the road for over twenty minutes visiting about their safari. They had just seen a leopard that morning. We were excited for them and for us. As we were loading up to leave there was talk about all the frogs they had seen at the lake. So the picture above is not a bunch of locus as it seems at first glance but a bunch of frogs under the boat.

Someone in our group of missionaries , the seniors from Sri Lanka had taken this trip a few weeks earlier and emailed general tips and info. They liked the boat for a change, quieter and smoother than the bouncing jeep. We had signed up for this outing for the afternoon of our arrival and a jeep at six the next morning.

After the jeep trip we quickly signed up for a third and we asked for the jeep trip. Yes, it was bouncy and at times very fast as we raced to a new spot where a leopard had just been sighted, but the jeep felt more hands on.Posted by Picasa


Elizabeth said...

Were there water snakes? That is amazing there were no Mosquitos.

Tamara said...

Love reading about all your experiences, but when do you have the time to write all of this. You are AMAZING!