Friday, May 21, 2010


Have you ever woke with a full day of appointments but, it didn't matter because the waking moment was so pleasant you know the memory will ride through the day with you. The two of us woke with almost more than we could do. It was no surprise that the cyclone was over, we trusted the news report but what we felt was a surprise. (We slept with lots of windows open to protect against acid that we used to clean mineral build up on bathroom tile, good old Chennai water. We had been told that nothing would take it off but acid worked. This stuff is so powerful it cleaned the tiles NEXT to the tile I wiped down.) With the bedroom window open the first thing that I noticed was a cool breeze across my face. Then a gentle wind brought the smell of the ocean. Cool air and ocean breezes, both firsts for us since coming to Indian. Today was the day I planned to write about the bird refuge we saw on the way to the safari. Now as I stretched awake I was visited by our own neighborhood birds. The green parrots hung upside down from the phone wire and looked in the window. Simple pleasures but I will remember this morning forever.
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