Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sri Lanka

They do it here too. All over Europe on the short hop between countries everyone leaps and crowds into the aisle hoping to beat at least one or two people out the door. We had been hurrying since we got here in October so we were content to take it easy.
Our hotel was ready for us with fruit and chocolates under glass,

Comfortable room which was also very quiet. We have to say that we did not miss the autos starting up every morning at 5:30.
Spreading trees and later a sparkling night view of the city. We ate dinner at the big garden restaurant in the hotel where every night there was a delicious buffet and each night there was a different regional twist to the menu. We were in our mission but not our area and we were both agreeing that it was a great idea that the mission president had to hold the senior missionary couples conference in Sri Lanka. We enjoyed learning a little about a whole new country.
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Elizabeth said...

That hotel looks amazing!