Tuesday, April 7, 2009

They Are Big!

When you have so many pictures of elephants how do you decide which ones to blog? We were right in the midst of them all and that was amazing, but then I saw this one of two elephants near a truck and it really shows the size of these fellows. As you will see they let us come up and didn't move too much but after about twenty minutes it was time to go to the river and they knew it. Then you did not want to be in front of them. Later I arrived at the river's edge and was looking at the herd frolicking in the water (Can elephants frolic?) when two more elephants came through the village and turned to climb down to the edge just where I was standing. My back was turned to them and I missed it all.

A couple of hours later a small film crew from Australia came up the hill were I was waiting for the bus and as they crossed the road the camera man said, "Oh you are the lady who almost got trampled." What almost happened and what I didn't see didn't hurt me!
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Elizabeth said...

Maybe you will be in an Australian movie.:)