Monday, April 20, 2009

Settling In

You've seen all this food and more in an earlier blog. Start to finish the hotel's buffet was equally good every night. We headed there again this last night in town and saw when we returned to our room that there was still time for a swim before the pool closed for the evening.

Those so familiar with blogging know that when you read a blog there could be more on the same subject down below. The first time I blogged I had something I wanted in a different order. I worked hard to get it that way but it probably wasn't really worth it. This trip to Sri Lanka definitely has a grand finale so dear readers go over the information on Sri Lanka and in a day or two I'll post the end. The story that we have only up until now told our children. Until then . . .

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Elizabeth said...

Looks like the President picked the perfect place for a conference.