Sunday, April 5, 2009

Time Out

The problem with blogging about a big trip like Sri Lanka is it gets in the way of everyday life. The trip to Sri Lanka was a big deal and the story should be told so we will set it aside and tell another story that happened today. Two families completed important steps to eternal salvation. The family below all took baptism today. The family above have a story that weaves in and out and we are part of the fabric. The mother and father joined the Church before we came to India. Something happened and they stopped coming. There are many of these kinds of stories and they are private and belong to the individual.

We hired a driver and took off with two young missionaries to visit three families, one a mainstay and the other two had stopped attending. The family in the above picture lived in the city but their street was a dirt country lane with many cows grazing. The turn was so sharply angled off a busy street that our driver had to stop in the middle of heavy traffic and back a little and then make the turn. Way, way down there he stopped. We piled out and went up a mountain side so steep that the pathway was part stairs. Near the top we turned left on an asphalt path that was firm in some places and had dirt washed out from under in others. There had been recent rains and the path had puddles and overhead electric wire draped low enough to touch with a raised had. A little freaky - no stretching please!

That was the beginning of our friendship as we came to the home to invite the family to Church. We were there on the next Sunday, they weren't. Phone calls and weeks later the Spirit took over and everyone moved forward. Today the father baptised his two sons. We know that we can't be perfect on this earth. Today was perfect!
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Elizabeth said...

It is so great to see you in these baptism pictures. You are such an example!