Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Tradition Begins

This is how one of our Easter traditions started. Our grandmother was a professional candy maker. She and her husband had a store at different times in Salt Lake City. When she was older and alone she worked in a shop in Santa Ana, California. Even though she eventually had to retire because of poor health she would make candy for anyone who asked. They brought her the ingredients and she supplied the work which to some of us looked like magic. Cream and butter and sugar became candy and then friends would then have large batches of fudge, toffee, dipped chocolates and salt water taffy to share as gifts to their family and friends. The only stipulation was they must bring good ingredients for the candy, butter not margarine.

This dear lady knew the importance of "good" ingredients in everything you do to have the right outcome. She was always an example to us of patience and kindness. We loved being with her and we liked the compliments that came when people tasted her candy. "This is as good as See's."

At Easter the dipped chocolates took the form of eggs and our baskets were full. When grandmother was gone on our only choice was to buy our eggs at See's candy and we have ever since.
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Jenny said...

I have a few of her candy recipes if anyone is interested :)