Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter Sunday

We peaked into the just opened box and saw that one of our children had gifted us with See's Candy. What memories of childhood flooded through our minds when we saw those sweet treats. Thank you , thank you. First we thought of being young and then we remembered blending two sets of traditions as we made a happy family Easter celebration for our children.

Not only did we remember the tastiness of the treats, but the sweetness of blessings. One particular event came to mind as I remembered being young in St. George, Utah on Easter morning. Our father was working in California at the time and would join us later to drive us to our home in California. We all got dressed in typical Sunday Easter outfits and our mother drove us across the desert and down a steep, winding, mountain road to a small town, La Verkin, to attend Easter services. I had lived in this town for awhile as a small child. We had a home there still but had now rented it to a young family. After Church we came out of the building to see that one of the tires on our car was flat. There was lots of help for us and the tire was soon changed. That was nice, but in our hearts we knew that the blessing of that day was that the tire did not blow out as we traveled down the mountain that morning.

This Easter in India was so busy. We started out to Church early to meet visitors. They didn't come. We watched the first conference session until it was about half through then jumped in an auto and traveled across Chennai to be at Church on the other side to attend a baptism between sessions. A young collage age man. After the closing session of conference we traveled to this young man's home to have dinner with his family. You saw the picture of the room where we spoke at the ministry meeting. The young man's living room where we came for dinner was half that size and fourteen of us gathered for dinner. Wonderful food. AND this was my first time to eat with my hand. We have been in India six months now so you might wonder how I put that off so long. It can be done. I only ate with three fingers too instead of the typical five. It works for a slow eater.
This was a long day but not the longest and we had the sweet memory of a baptism that day and a sweets for the tongue waiting at our apartment.
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Elizabeth said...

We didn't get ant See's this year and it was sorely missed. We won't be letting that happen again.

Jenny said...

I went in to to Sees and bought just a single piece - guess what kind