Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Weekend

We were asked to speak at a special monthly fast and testimony meeting conducted by the man who waits by our apartment and drives an auto. He has talked about his group before. Usually there may be fifteen. This month there were twenty-five or more. I could see seven people sitting outside the door, but there could have been more.

We were in conference at Church and then came here to this special ministry. Their meeting had been going for a half hour when we arrived. There was singing as we came in and then three woman stood one at a time and bore their testimony of how God had blessed their lives. One man translated so we could know the details. Amazing faith!!!!!!!!!! Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is lifting people from despair and helping them to move ahead through difficult lives.

We were presented with beautiful silk wraps as the meeting ended. It is hard to receive a gift when there is so much poverty, but we knew that we had to receive their love. Even harder was to have a woman knee at my feet and ask for a blessing. I took her in my arms and told her I would pray for her and love her like a mother and the Lord would bless her.
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Jaime said...

it's so wonderful hearing about all the lives that are touching your own, and vice versa.

VTH said...

That's just awesome! Love reading about your experiences, wish I could be there.