Sunday, October 25, 2009

Almost Forgot

Some how I forgot to mention that McDonald's has arrived in Chennai. We came across town one afternoon after a long meeting and as we turned towards our neighborhood we saw an interesting sight. Beautiful red flags were posted along the center divider. They went on for six or seven blocks and we wondered what big Hindu celebration was in progress. We turned left and found it was just the opening of McDonald's. I guess it is fair to say that McDonald's has circled the earth. A new one is even coming to the food court at the Louvre in Paris. Our McDonald's is unique however. We have no beef!
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Chris said...

Hi Mom and Dad,
Well I have finally emerged from my back to school hole and caught up on your blog. It is great see pictures of your life and I am happy to hear that the hot season has ended.

I am enjoying a quiet day in the canyon relaxing with the surrounding peace and tranquility. Mom, I stumbled across a copy of Pollyanna I found at a thrift store and started reading it yesterday. I loved the movie when I was young and this book takes me back to those feelings of childhood contentment.

We are feeling Fall in the air Toto and I have plans to bake carrot cakes later today. I love the weekends plus I am almost at the 1/4 mark for the school year. I have a nice group of students this year am I am really starting to enjoy their personalities. Now if I could just erase NCLB and our uber dumb school board plus the state economic crisis I would really be doing a happy dance. Oh well I think I am just going to take the Pollyanna approach today.
Lots of Love, Chris

Brittany said...

Ahhhhhhhh, nothing like a McDonalds french fry. I remember pining for my p-days in Montevideo so we could get some fries and they always tasted so good. Maybe it was just because we were so far from home that they tasted better.

Elizabeth said...

Too bad it's not an IN and Out!
I was wondering about the beef part.