Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Church Facilities

These are the people who laid and polished the marble floor. That was a few weeks ago. We are to move into our new church facilities Saturday. These men are scheduled to put polish number eight on the floor tomorrow morning. They can't because the painters are still there. The A/C gets tested Friday because when they tried to do it today the master electrical switch outside was not on. There is attractive tile on the walls of the bathrooms, but no toilets. This is just the start of our punch list. The elevators do not work yet. We are on the fourth floor which here really means the fifth floor. The climb up the stairs takes your breath away but the view looking out over the palm trees is worth it. AND if on Sunday the A/C still does not work we will just open all the windows and cool off with a little monsoon.
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Chris said...

By the time I post this you will have had your first meetings in the new building. I am sure there were many hiccups today but I doubt anyone really minded. Everyone must be very excited about the new facilities.
I am feeling the holiday spirit early this year and even listened to Ella's holiday cd on the way to work last Tuesday. This will be our first Thanksgiving and Christmas with a child returning home and it is very exciting. We will be missing you during our celebrations but I am happy knowing that we will be together next year. Love and miss you both. C