Saturday, October 10, 2009

What's In That Bottle?

What is all this? Forms, passports, sunglasses for swollen eyes from inoculation shots AND a bottle of a toxic solution that you can put on your clothes to ward off mosquitoes. This is a year ago and our first stop in India. Next was a short flight to Chennai and our new home for two years. The mosquito repellent is still in the bottle and tucked back on a shelf. Never seems to be time to use it.

We have just finished the hot, hot, hot season and it was gloriously mosquito free but they are back. As careful as you are with closing the house up by 5:30 and not opening too early in the morning you still get zinged. Unfortunately when my English class left tonight the mosquitoes came in the front door again.

I was dutifully practicing the piano because a good friend suggested that I keep at it and I got bit three times on the elbow. Maybe this year I will MAKE TIME to put mosquito repellent on my clothes. The season for those little critters is eight and a half months long.

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Elizabeth said...

Hope you can keep the little buggers out.