Monday, October 12, 2009

Every Home Should Have One

Our first apartment was a bug nightmare. Food went straight from takeout to the dining table and we only went into the kitchen for the refrigerator, to boil water or to clean from top to bottom when we moved which was in two weeks. The new place was orderly AND
Bug free thanks to this little guy. Every home should have a gecko. Luckily I had finally come to grips with sharing space with a lizard while visiting in Hawaii. I didn't give this fellow a name but I was very courteous to let him know that I was coming into the kitchen in the dark of night. He was much more out there in the night. I thought he was gone one day but found him outside a window one night and let him in. It was a good thing. It turned out that he was a she and she was trying to get back to her baby. Now we had two. We didn't see them for awhile then looked up one night to see that she had almost doubled in size.
Our association went on for almost eight months and then she was gone and so was the baby. By now we were in the the 104 degree heat for a few months and during that time you almost stop thinking so we didn't think to miss her, our little gecko. Then in September instead of cooling it was hot and very humid. We started seeing a few bugs then more. We needed a gecko. It turned out it was a heat spell, the hottest September in ten years and when it went to regular hot the bugs calmed down.

One night I saw a small gecko scampering back and forth across the three windows in the office. Her light colored tummy showed up against the dark night. Now really listen because this is true. She stopped, looked through the window and then tapped her head three times against the glass. The next night when I saw her we opened the window but she did not come in. It has been a few days now and I see her outside every night. It finally dawned on me that she wasn't saying, Knock, knock let me in." It was , "See what a good job I am doing out here. You have not had a mosquito bite in the office for one week and it is all thanks to me!"
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Jenny said...

Congratulations on the new calling

Elizabeth said...

I am happy to co exist with the geckos too. Kind of fun you having a little pet in India.

Brittany said...

Considering the alternative I guess I could have a gecko but it stops there. Maybe the kids will be fine with a gecko instead of a dog :)

Bob and Joan said...

Brittany, Little concerned about your cold climate. It would be so sad to hear that you had to buy insects to feed your gecko.