Thursday, October 8, 2009

Remember When?

Remember when we had odd and even days? Could it be as long as twenty years (1979) ago. If you had a license plate that ended in an even number you gassed up one day and your friends with odd numbers ending their plates got in line the next day. What could be worse? No gas.

A new rule makes the little gold and black autos convert to LPG liquid but you hardly can find it at any of the stations. What's worse? No room on the road at all. It won't be long. As the economy changes and more people buy cars, an auto or a car - it won't mater what you drive if you can't find space on the street to travel. There are a lot of small cars in line at this petrol station here in Chennai . That's good because in New Delhi big cars are already banded.

In our little congregation no one owned a car when we arrived , but a few months ago two brothers came to listen and one took baptism. They own a car. See. It's coming. GRIDLOCK!
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Jaime said...

makes me cars become more accessible/affordable in underdeveloped nation and more developed nations switch to more public transportation/bikes/etc, will there be an international role reversal?

Elizabeth said...

That would be interesting, Jaime.
I wish I could see a movie of you moving around the city.

Bob and Joan said...

You wouldn't believe it. I still close my eyes a lot.