Sunday, October 4, 2009

Do We Have Friends?

Do we have friends here in India? Well yes and no. We have no friends even close to our age. There are a few older people that we know but they are probably younger, a lot younger than our age. There is one man who is 72 but he works very long hours so he has only been home one time when we went to visit. We have a young marrieds group of a dozen or more who meet once a month at our house. Those are the people we know best and who probably know us best. I am starting to know what one young married woman is thinking just when we look at each other.

I do have a second set of friends. Here they are talking with me between lessons. When I asked them a good place to shop in case I wanted to buy something for a granddaughter, they spoke, "Pothy's" in unison . Now I call them my personal shoppers. If India needs to count on women like these, her future is secure. I love to be in the room when they are called on to pray. Soon after any one of them starts you know that they are connected and heaven is listening. It is alright for the rest of us to be there but they are talking to God and through the Lord Jesus Christ these woman in little girl bodies have faith that their prayers will be answered.
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Elizabeth said...

You have always been such good friends and leaders to the youth.