Friday, October 2, 2009

In Times Past

In smaller areas of India, families built homes that even by today's new building standards would be considered palaces. A generation has passed and the children have moved to the cities. They are no longer interested in the"treasures" their parents or grandparents have amassed. The antique trade has become a big business here. Even doors and other parts of the homes now are for sale.

In addition to the intricate carving of this massive door it comes with a sill of a foot thick marble. If you are good at bargaining you might be able to have this one for $80,000 plus shipping.

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Jenny said...

wow mom very cool!! can you sneak a piece of trim home in your suitcase for me

Elizabeth said...

Yes I will take one please and a couple of Indian rugs!

Grandma Evans said...

Wow...does anyone buy these things?
Thanks for reading my blog and commenting. Hope all is well!