Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What Can You Say About The MTC?

Here we are at the Mission Training Center. What to say? Spiritual, informative, amazing. When everyone gathers for a meal it is mind blowing to see so many in one place. They come in waves from language and other classes and the next time you look up from your food the huge room is full. Loved talking with everyone. So why the hiding behind the sunglasses? The MTC had one more thing. All the exotic inoculations that we couldn't find locally. Problem, they give them all to you in one day. So Monday was wonderful and Tuesday too even with the shots at noon, but Tuesday in the night it started. By Wednesday morning one of us was okay and the other was covered with rash and huge welts - one aliment would have been plenty. Two days later fighting with anything thought of my eyes were not swollen shut any longer and with sunglasses we were in class together again. Did I go to the doctor. NO! Was I on the plane to India Saturday morning - YES! On the shuttle to the airport we learned that another person had bad reactions from the shots too. He didn't tell the doctors either. Nothing would stop us from keeping the Lord's schedule.

Looking towards India, . . .
Turning from familiar places where loved ones dwell,
And packing the expandable orange purse for the airport (this time with scriptures AND
EpiPen 2-Pak in case the eye swelling moved to the throat,) we waited to board yet one more plane on our way to India.
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Bob and Joan said...

Joan, Thank you for this and all your entries. This blog is as amazing as the amazing India Bangalore Mission. You are a marvelous work and a wonder! love,

Karyann said...

thank you to boh of you for your sweet service. you always so eloquently write your blog entries down. our prayers are with you!
keep the pictures coming

Elizabeth said...

That purse photo is a great one.
Glad you didn't need to use the epipens.