Saturday, January 24, 2009

Flying In The Night

On our night flight watching Tamil movies and trying to get sleepy enough to stay asleep for a few hours we never dreamed that the next day held a surprise, we received our first first gift in India - mosquito solution to spray on our clothes Sounds ominous. We thought we just had to take a pill.

Germany to India. Arrived in the middle of the night. Long lines in customs but they went fairly fast and we were soon with the Mission President and his wife zooming through the cool night (Bangalore is a high plateau) to the Mission Home for a good nights sleep. The next day started with a wonderful breakfast and lots of talking with our two leaders and then we were driven to the Mission Office where we filled out a lot of forms.

Later some of those forms would be used in registering with the government in Chennai. When that happened we did have a long line and then inside another long line and after the first office another long line and then we were told to come back in three days to find - you guessed it - another long line, but then we were done.

Well, two weeks later we moved to another apartment and had to re register. This next time saying the magic phrase "just change of address" the head guy took us in and did everything himself instead of putting us in a long line. We loved it!

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Elizabeth said...

I am so glad you are recording so much, You are a blogging pro!