Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Tradition

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A number of years ago when the world was churning up the thought came about what would you
do to be safe if things got really bad. The answer came right after the thought - "Know your neighbors." A near neighbor was consulted and plans were made for a breakfast to be held at the top of the street. Invitations were passed out up and down the street. Then DISASTER! It was September 11th and terrorist struck in the United States.

There was talk about cancelling the breakfast but it was decided to go forward. We met and began our meal with a prayer for our country and those who had given their lives and suffered in the explosions. It was good to be together and support one another.

The breakfast is a tradition and we have been together eight times. The oldest attending was on a ship in Pearl Harbor as World War Two came to Hawaii and the Pacific. The youngest person there was born after we left for India. There are about forty families who gather and everyone on the street is known to someone else and we are happier for this friendship and the feeling of peace that comes with caring.

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