Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Are We Tired Yet?

Out looking for apartments one day for the young missionaries we were across the river in a simple neighborhood when we heard a school bell ring. We had settled on the apartment in question (which later they backed out because we were not Hindu. Easier to tell us a week later over the phone instead of to our face.) We called for a taxi and went down to the street to wait. Four young boys came along and asked us to take their picture and then the whole scene bloomed. From the school up the street
streamed boys and girls all wanting to shake hands and get their moment of photo op.
At least two hundred hand shakes and many blown kisses later the crowd was thinning until the
last bunch of patient girls who didn't want any boys in their picture lined up for the final shot of the day. How do celebrities do it!
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Jenny said...

looks like a fun day

Elizabeth said...

very sweet!
that reminds me of Bali