Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Both Feet In India But Still Posting More Goodbyes

What fun we had saying goodbye to everyone. When it was over we realized there was barely enough time. My brother took us to the San Diego Airport. We were on time, the bags were heavy but we were optimistic. Jumping out of the truck the back of the suit it riped itself. I believe that is how it is said in Spanish. So now we have our first disaster. However, several slacks were packed in the top of a carry on bag. We selected a close match to the suit jacket and so there was our first blessing.

The second blessing: Some of our bags were too heavy. When we left Provo, Utah there was an industrial sized scale so we knew that one bag was eighty pounds. In San Diego and in Salt Lake City a baggage porter just pushed them on through and no questions ever came up. In Chicago and Frankfurt the bags were checked straight through. It wasn't until Bangalore, India and the one hour flight to Chennai that we had to pay for one bag. Definitely has to be a blessing!

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Jenny said...

you're doing a nice job with the blog it will serve as a great journal of your adventure. I check in everyday to see if there is something new.