Friday, January 23, 2009

Germany And The Last Goodbye

Our stop in Chicago was only forty-five minutes, not much more than time to walk the long hall from one gate to the next. The stop in Frankfurt, Germany was FUN! We had time to meet our beautiful young friend from Wiesbaden and enjoy breakfast and lots of talking. Her family has been friends of our family for over twenty years. We met in Hungry when so much of that part of the world was ruled by communism. Since that first meeting our two families have had many adventures including celebrating the fall of the Berlin Wall together.
This young friend inspired me to buy the orange purse which you may have noticed in the blog on the Bay of Bengal. The purse is styled with gathers all around the top. It is perfect for air flights. At the last minute it can puff out like a pillow case and handle a few more things. Our friend gifted me with a lovely little purse and a matching necklace. (They were added to the contents of the orange purse.) I had just brought one pair of earrings with me so when two days later we had an opportunity to meet with others for dinner at a nice hotel in Chennai I added the purse and necklace to a simple dress and felt "together" after a hot dusty day.
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Elizabeth said...

That is great you got to see her. I can't believe it has been that long since you met!