Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Salt Lake City

A friend sheltered us in her spacious home providing us with a cozy suite complete with "chocolates on the pillow." We scurried around Salt Lake City, first buying a new suit and then seeing friends and then we finished with errands that didn't happen in California before we left. A quick stop found us on Temple Square to stand on the fancy stone and brass compass and point our feet East. My friend's husband hosted us royally while my friend was out of town on business. We enjoyed being out to breakfast with their funny and fun children and then my friend and her husband gave us the ultimate care by driving us to the mission training center in Provo. They moved us in even helping to make the bed in our little dorm room that would be our home for five days.

No one could have asked for a better sendoff but during our visit our friends managed to provide the first snow of the season. We remember that chilly air when the temperature soars here in India.

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Jaime said...

What a wonderful send off. I hope we have friends like that when it's our turn...

Elizabeth said...

There kids grew up!