Monday, August 24, 2009

Second Missionary Outing Of The Year

After our big conference we stayed on one more day in Coimbatore and took the young missionaries on an outing. They get two a year. We were three hours from the top of this mountain and decided to go for it. Remember that our experience is limited, however, it seems to us that all Indian cities are similar. Some have wider streets and more traffic. All suffer from community planning. Leaving town and businesses took on a joyful excitement.
The jungle edged up to the paving and we relaxed for the ride up the narrow road. Many of the young missionaries grabbed little naps as they had all been together the night before and sleep didn't start until much later than they were use to.

As we traveled up and up the promise of a change was always ahead. The temperature began to drop and the predicted rain looked like it won't materialize.

Stories of scary rides were told to use when we planned but , our driver was conservative and pragmatic so despite needing to back up to make some curves we felt secure.

Future travelers will have wider curves but as the road work is done by hand it will take many years.

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