Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It Was Scary

I was thinking of calling my post "Camelot" because it only rains at night here. We were told that there was only one monsoon in this part of India. Many said this. It turns out that we do take part in both monsoons. It is just that here it comes for only a few days and only rains at night. It is really true! This night the rain came quite late but I was still awake. This was a big one and since it sounded like buckets of water being thrown at the window I moved a few things back in case it flooded through half the room again. Just as I climbed back into bed the room started rocking.

I have experienced several big earth quakes but this one was scary. It wasn't the intense shimmy of California quakes but a frantic rocking.
All I could think about was how my house had been built - one dish of concrete at a time.
We have pillars just like this apartment house and we are on the fifth floor.

These women do heavy work, it takes two to lift the load to their heads. They walk slow from the weight and from the heat. I kept seeing the concrete in my house drying out before the next load was poured into the pillars intime to adhere to the last one. It is good to be tired because right after that thought I went to sleep. (SPECIAL THANKS TO THE ARTIST, PARIS, WHO CAPTURED IN THE EXPESSION OF HER PAINTING EXACTLY HOW I FELT TWO NIGHTS AGO.)
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So glad there was no Tsunami!

Grandma Evans said...

Wow...that is scary!!! By the way..I have often said that to Rick about Nauvoo being like Camelot....because it only rains (most of the time) after sunset...just like the song! :)