Saturday, August 15, 2009

It's A Matter Of Timing

We were ready on time for our act in the talent show. It's the same problem we have with getting to weddings on time. We keep believing what the invitation says. So here are our young primary children lined up on the front row and the bulk of the audience is yet to arrive.

It is extremely difficult for these children to come to a rehearsal (costs too much to travel) so I had them come at 8:30 for the show at ten. Three quarters of them were on time. I am rubbing off on them. I taught them the dance and we practiced and then we hid out so no one would see our costumes. India has not seen squaty bodies. Surprise made up for the fact that only the girls were good with steps. We kept the cameras off the feet!!!
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Kathryn said...

On time? You and the missionaries... looks familiar.