Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Beginning

We went off to a city to the south to check on someone who wanted to join the Church. There was no services in his city and having studied everything in France he was ready so we took the first step to solving his problem. We entered his quarters on the University campus expecting a nice visit and instead had a wonderful honor as we were adorned with flowers like the ones you have seen in our posts of weddings we have attended.
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Chris said...

You both look so good surrounded by bright colors. This picture reminds me of all the great luaus we went to growing up. I think when you come home we should throw you one but the more I think about it we should really do that in Hawaii. I'll help dig the pit or at least supervise.

Grandma Evans said...

Wonderful picture! You both look so healthy and happy! It was fun to get back on your blog again. It is very interesting to read and I can tell you are doing a marvelous service there. Blessings on you both! Love Ya!