Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Petrobunk Is On Fire

Another baptism Sunday and this one had an extra dose of excitement. There is a gas station next door, RIGHT next door and cars drive along the outside wall of our chapel and then stop at the pumps. We always use this place as a landmark to tell auto drivers where we want to go. Church had just ended and we were preparing for the baptism when there was a call down the hall that the petrobunk was on fire. We had to leave the building.

Outside we learned that a motorcycle was blazing right next to a pump and right over the underground tank. It seemed that the whole world was watching. Finally two very intelligent guys lassoed the vehicle and quickly drug it into the street and saved the petrobunk and all the curious bystanders.

Our young man ready to take baptism was happy and excited and full of good humor. After we were safely back in the building he said that he thought that baptism by immersion was first not the baptism by fire. His brother has plans to be baptised in September.

You wouldn't often see Elder McKinley dressed like this in fact this is a first since we have been in India. He makes sure that the young elders or men here in the branch have this opportunity.
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Elizabeth said...

It is nice dad could have one baptism at least. You will love having all these stories recorded.

Bob and Joan said...

Joan, Wonderful post! Thank you for your creativity and for keeping this blog. It will be a joy for us to look at for years to come. I am so glad to be your companion now and for eternity. Love, Bob

Grandma Evans said...

I agree with Bob...you are doing a wonderful job on this blog...where do you find the time. I just updated mine from our family visits and it took me hours!! You are amazing! By the way..Bob looks great in this picture.