Monday, March 1, 2010

Sri Lanka Comes In February

Sri Lanka was again chosen for our seniors conference. We had such a good time last year and this year was even better. Our meeting was held over two days this time. On Wednesday each couple talked about there experiences and the next day each bore testimony. As this is that last time we will all be together it was very uplifting. Many will go home in the next month and by April there will only be two couples in India where there have been twelve. Visas are not coming through. We had thirteen for our whole mission. Soon there will be the two in India and with a new couple's arrival there are two in Sri Lanka. This could be very different for the new mission president coming in July.

Who would guess that this good trip would be the courtesy of a dictator. For a month we have been monitoring the election and political activities of Sri Lanka. Each time there was trouble brewing their president took action and when it was time to fly to Sri Lanka everything was calm.

A little "Flat Stanley" came with us and he wanted a look at a case of marzipan decorated cakes.

In the room fresh fruit was delivered

Our room had an ocean view, high, but not too high to also enjoy the peaceful garden.

Resting by the pool was a choice treat.


Elizabeth said...

Dad told me he actually got to swim in the ocean, that is so awesome. So glad it went well and you had a great time.

Jack said...

You guys deserve some serious R and R. Glad to hear so many great updates.

Tamara said...

What a wonderful occasion! Too bad about the visa problem. That is going to be hard for the new President.