Thursday, March 4, 2010

Missionary Couples Outing

Last year on our outing our bus had red velvet curtains with gold fringe. We took off to see elephants and to take an elephant ride. This year the bus was open, airy and we had great AC. Sri Lanka is warm but a nice change from India.

Flying into Sri Lanka you see an island covered in palm trees. Once on the island you discover many water ways and lush greenery.

This year we traveled to the southern tip of Sri Lanka stopping many times to see what we could see. Our first site was a Buddhist Temple.

Massive doors leading to a whole new experience in history and religion.

The ultimate goal in Buddhism is to rise above all petty behavior. You often see a statue of Buddha lying down having let go of every worldly thing. Sounds like a nap.

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Elizabeth said...

Love seeing all about your trip. You look relaxed and cooler.