Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lending A Hand

Speeding along the narrow highway we were enjoying the glimpses through the trees of the ocean. It gave us feelings of home in California. When we also saw fishermen on the beach we had the driver watch for a wide place where he could stop and park. It was a little dangerous so they just let half of the people out of the bus.

These men were busy with each wave inching their net up onto the beach. The net extended into the sea for hundreds of yards, many football field lengths, and with hard work it would finally be stacked in dozens of little round mounds along the beach.

///// Hard work translates to six hours of pulling the net before they would learn as the men told us whether it was a "happy day" or not. We could only stay a few minutes, but added a little muscle help pulling their nets.


Sally said...

I hope they caught some fish!

Tamara said...

It does kind of look like a California beach! How nice of you to help.

Elizabeth said...

Wow, six hours.

Chris said...

Always willing to lend a hand and meet the locals.