Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A City From Long Ago

Our bus followed one curving street after another until we ducked through an arching stone gate and we were in the old city. Soon we were dropped off to walk the walls of this fort built in the
late 1400's first by the Portuguese. They were the first conquerors but they were soon ousted by the Dutch who left the biggest impression, the fort that stands today.

We gathered for a group shot and then scattered to go our separate ways, each at his own pace.

These walls provided safety for the homes inside the fort. Safety from what and who?

The people walking along the top make a contrast with the high, strong wall.

How awe inspiring it is to stand at the end of Sri Lanka where during the Age of Exploration important moments in history unfolded.


Elizabeth said...

Mom you don't look old enough to be in a photo with that bunch.
What a great fort.

jackandjaime said...

I love the photo of you waving from the wall.

KarenM said...

Looks very relaxing and its great you got in the water!