Monday, November 30, 2009

Braver And Braver

During the visit to this site last year I posed way down hill and a little to the side of this big rock. This year I got brave enough to get up close and personal. I am barefoot so I can out run the rock if it starts to roll. It is called the butterball. Krishna (One Hindu god) loves butter and the legend is he threw it to the top of the hill.
I got brave enough to have my picture taken with monkey boy and his friend.

But braver and braver is not enough for this moment. For the elephant you must be braver and braver and braver! Think really big nose with really bad cold and you will know what is on top of your head after this loving kiss.


Jaime said...

That is so ridiculously awesome! Turns out I have more fears than I ever thought possible, so maybe a trip to the other side of the world is what I need for a cure!

Elizabeth said...

You are amazing mom! And such great pictures!