Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Aren't grandchildren fun? These two little guys came to visit Chennai and we got to enjoy them.

These boys are not ours, but we would claim them any day. The little one is an animated "talker." His face breaks into a grin every time he communicates with you.

Here are the parents of the boys. When this Mom was younger she and her family came every Christmas with a batch of chocolate chip cookies. We ended up as their guests for breakfast, a real treat for missionaries who are usually offered lots of biryani. (chicken ( not much,) rice, and LOTS of spice. A third child will come to their family in a few months. Hope they were planning to announce!

Big brother kept us entertained with his great knowledge and unique humour.

So our grandchildren or NOT we had a great morning. Thank you Mary and Gene for the loan!

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Elizabeth said...

I am sure they were happy to borrow you as Grandparents as well.
I am glad you got to see each other and will always remember are chauffeured backpacking trip.