Thursday, April 22, 2010

Things Are A Changing

Outfitting apartments for young elders took a lot of time when we first arrived in Chennai, India. This place had no ambience but really good prices and we needed six pressure cookers.

This is the check out line. Well not really a line. We didn't know it at the time, but crowding in is the Indian way. When paying your electric bill if you leave more than one inch, I am not exaggerating, between you and the person ahead another person will move in the line and he will be ahead of you.

This little boy had a new suit and his mother asked me to take his picture. She didn't tell me where to sent a copy.

Out of the crowded store to an even more crowded walking street. NOW think of this post as if it were a movie and run it backwards. Everything is closing down. We just closed a young elders' apartment and sold all of the furniture, the A/C, pots and pans, everything. Americans are not getting visas. It has been over a year since there has been a new visa. Ten couples have left with no replacements and their apartments are now closed. There are just two couples left. The other couple will come in June for a zone conference and stay with us for a few days. On June 30th they will leave their city and return home. We will be the "last man standing."

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Elizabeth said...

Wow kind of sad, I am sure you will be able to look back and feel good about what you have left there with the local members. Love you!