Friday, April 23, 2010

The First People I Met

The first time we visited the branch on the other side of town I met these young men. I was standing on the porch outside of Church and they came walking up the drive way. We talked for a bit because it was early. One of the things we discussed was parents. They all seemed to have them at least one. And it turned out they did, but later I found out that they were from an orphanage two hours south of the city. Many of the children there still have parents but the parents can not afford to take care of them. Every Fast Sunday these children come into town for church. The other missionary couple worked out at the orphanage four days a week. Now this couple has gone home. They started some excellent programs, teaching the children to handle money, primary, seminary and family home evening. what will happen now. Will the older children be able to keep them going?

Today Elder McKinley left the city and drove to this orphanage. He conducted a seminary graduation. He left this morning on the bus then rode the rest of the way with the CES man from another city. Elder McKinley has now become CES for Chennai. It is after nine now and he will be back soon. We talked a little on the phone and he said the graduation ceremony was good in many ways. I wonder if any of the young men I met on that long ago Sunday were one of the graduates?

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Elizabeth said...

Wow so busy! That is great they could have dad there with the other couple gone.