Sunday, May 3, 2009

It's A Miracle

Its the end of Sunday and this picture seems appropriate and is the only one available since the miracle happened in Church and pictures during the meeting would not be appropriate.

When you are in one place for six months you know a lot of people. When you are the only white guys on the street you are not a celebrity but a rarity and people want to know you. Remind me if too much time passes and I haven't remembered to post for you what Indian babies think of us.

Anyway we know a lot of people who are members of the Church and just as many, no more who aren't. Both sets were in Church today. When we came in October the average attendance was fifty. Last week we had ninety-two and we were nervous that we could get to one hundred and not fit. We had one hundred and twelve and the hallway was lined with chairs.

When you know a lot of people all of a sudden you know a lot about them. Looking around the room in testimony meeting for sacrament today we saw faces that represented miracle after miracle. They represented great loss and suffering but through showing faith new strength and success is coming to them. Church was an especially nice place to be today.

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Michele said...

Thank you for sharing that, Joan. I'm a little bit envious of your current spiritual journey. You make me want to get my affairs in order so that Joe and I can go on our own mission in the not so far away future. Love you!


Brittany and John said...

Don't you just love those days like that! It just seems to make it all worth it. We'll pray that such a miracle will become your regular Sunday service!