Monday, May 18, 2009

Monsoon ? ? ?

In the west part of India you can expect monsoon conditions. They actually have two monsoon "attacks" a year. The paper next morning called ours a "sharp shower" - we said sharper than a serpents tooth. It started with amazing flashes of lighting and then thunder like only summer air can roll it. When we heard the first rumble we thought it was celebration for the elections.

We watched the flashing sky and endured the noise for awhile then knowing the human mind can only take so much drama went back to out reading and studying. All of a sudden there was no mistaking the fresh, sweet smell of rain in the air. It was steady for ten minutes and then the faucet turned and the water stopped dropping and just poured out of the sky. Only an inch they said the next day. Okay, but it all came quickly.

One bedroom window is warped and the catch at the bottom won't slide into place. There is a tiny gap about three inches high and less than a quarter of an inch wide. There was so much force that even sideways and tucked back in, the gap let in enough water to travel ten feet along the floor and turn to soak a thick, six foot rug. What will the real monsoon bring?
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Jenny said...

wow, we are going into mandatory water rationing here - wish you could share your rain with us!

Elizabeth said...

Your first Monsoon season.

joan said...

We have to wait for Fall to see the real one and everyone said that the rain last year in 2008 was not Monsoon. We just had a little rain and a cyclone.