Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Up On Poles Or In The Depths Of Buildings

It amazes people when they see electrical wires in India looking like spaghetti. One day I came out of Church across town and at the bottom of the stairwell I happened to look right where a half sized door was opened. Sitting on the floor of an "elf sized" room two men pondered over yards and yards of electrical wires of at least six different colors. Swirling around and around the wires had tangled themselves and piled up to a couple of feet high. The men did not look like they knew what they were doing, but everyone in India is an electrician so I just hoped they would live through the day.
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Jaime said...

We were watching Amazing Race and they were in India and showed a picture like yours. The teams had to follow markings on a wire to get to a destination but because it was so tangled it was nearly impossible. We wondered how realistic it was...clearly more than we'd hoped.

joan said...

A problem comes up and no one can figure out what is what so they just start over and string a new wire. There is a lose wire in one of our fixtures and we have had it repair threetimes. Each time it lasts for 30 minutes.

Elizabeth said...

Wow crazy, the trash truck pulled down the lines into our driveway this morning.