Friday, January 22, 2010

They Came To Dinner

It was really noon but we pretended that it was Christmas Eve. We sang carols and read of the Saviors birth from the account in Luke. Then we went around the room and each missionary shared events from their family life that told us about some of their traditions at Christmas time.
We all brought gifts. Each in turn got to open one. The next person opened another gift or he could take yours. You got to pick last if you had been on your mission the longest.

They brought me a flower garland and we had tons of food.

We enjoyed "Christmas morning too"...

And just being together.


Elizabeth said...

I am sure they all apreciate you hosting them and their families do too!

Tamara said...

what a wonderful Christmas you had. These Elders are very blessed to have you there! Have a great 2010!

KarenM said...

Miss you guys. Glad I'll be giving the hickory farms directly this year.