Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Need To Do This

Our construction project must be talked about a little. We are in our new Church site and it is wonderful. It isn't very big but it functions well and gives us more teaching stations, a little library, a real clerk's office, rooms for the senior and junior primary and our first nursery BUT best of all there is room for seventy more people in our chapel. Why would I not want to talk about it until now. The picture above of paint dripping down over the woodwork is a clue. We moved in during October and week after week the building really wasn't finished and would get torn apart again during the week and late Saturday we would try to restore it enough for Sunday morning. Often many chairs were covered with drywall dust and the men's suits suffered. The painters arrived early one Saturday morning after being told they could not be there because we were having an open house. At eight AM

They hurried around slapping paint on every spot that was missed. In their minds if it was touched it was done. The contractor was rarely there and spent most time saying that a thing was done or would be by Sunday. He called the building finished one day by completely ignoring one room and not texturing and painting the walls. One way to finish on time!

After the fact big holes were cut in the walls so they could anchor tack and dry erase boards. Soon after dark spots emerged and the two wall materials began to split apart. Twenty-two boards had to be redone. Little pieces of us body and soul were consumed on this project. The monsoon came and flooded. Carpet was replaced and the carpet that came second was different than the carpet that was there. "Just walk on it for a few days and they will look the same we were told."

We walked for two months and it did not change. Finally it got replace. The scary thing was the carpet layer convinced the contractor and others that this walking would work. This is just the tip of the ice berg and talking any more could bring tears. Did have to tell the carpet story because that one brought tears of laughter.

There was one little moment in the beginning that was wonderful and choice. A few powders (raw colors) were laid out on a board and

One craftsman mixed colors and carefully matched the wood around the little windows. The frames blended nicely with the laminate of the door. The second special moment came after weeks of haggling, begging and digging our heels in about the horrible paint that in one week was showing fingerprints. Then we saw the pale yellow white wash that came under the direct of the contractor disappear under two coats of real paint. This was administered by real painters who were kind and courteous. Victory!


Jaime said...

Oh what a mess! I can't believe all the time and effort to fix and re-fix. It gives me a small panic as I flash forward to our building expansion. Glad we won't have to do the work-not sure we are as committed as you are!

Elizabeth said...

What a job! You are doing so much there.