Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Winter's Tale (or tail)

There he is .......................look quick...
Right there, gold, near the bushes.

Oh you missed him! Last year two days after we arrived it rained and when we went out in it every corner was sparkling with dragon flies. Since we didn't know any people yet I decided that the dragonflies were the most enchanting thing about Chennai. I determined that next rainy season I would get their picture. One day right after the rain I was coming home in an auto and we saw a cluster of dragonflies buzzing around a green filled corner. Out of the auto I leaped like a little girl and with the aid a a fresh tree branch we caught one.

Backside...look closely at the gossamer wings.

Front side and his little face. Undoubtedly the best gold creation that India has to offer. (No animals or dragonflies were harmed during this capture. He flew away home.)


Jaime said...

lovely description and great use of the word "gossamer". i don't know why, but dragonflies are quite alluring. although, the boys just swat at them when we are in the pool like they are a common housefly.

Elizabeth said...

You have always been a fan of dragonflys.
I don't think I have ever seem one in real life.

Tamara said...

Joan...I'm happy you are looking at my blog...I am yours also...and I understand the comment "not having time to write" At least we know what each other is doing. Your comment about jumping out of the car to get the picture of the dragonfly reminded me about jumping out of our car and then quietly walking closer and closer to get my pictures of the eagles. I didn't catch one though, like you :) Have a great week. Our prayers are with you! I'll try to do better of commenting :) Love you!