Monday, December 28, 2009

It All Started

A few months ago the younger brother was baptized. In December the decision of the older brother started our Christmas season. He was now ready to be baptized.
The younger brother had the proper authority to baptize his brother. This was a first since we have been here. Usually the missionaries do the baptism. Letting new members use their priesthood helps them to grow faster.

It was a very happy time for the missionaries as they came up to the end of a year with lots of work, lots of walking and lots of high temperatures to make their missions interesting.

This was an exception rather that a rule, but we celebrated a few days later with American food. Both of these young men love everything American. They were amazed at this restaurant with surf board on the wall and

License plates from every state.


Elizabeth said...

They look so happy. That is great that he got to baptize his brother

Tamara said...

You and Bob look great too...and very happy!