Thursday, September 17, 2009

Preparing For Our Visit To Pondicherry

We were to go to Pondicherry again and this time on assignment by the mission president to see a man who had investigated the Church while he was in France studying for a PHd. The first time we were in Pondicherry it was just for a long day but we did find a hotel by the ocean that we liked. It was very pricey and now going back we were not sure whether we would go once or several times to Pondicherry. We decided to search out a bed and breakfast with
ambiance and
security and though it had Indian elements ( a bathtub that took an hour to fill) we enjoyed the French family who were the owners.
We rested well and the price was fantastic!
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Elizabeth said...

That looks like a good place for a short respite.

Bob and Joan said...

I love you so much! Thank you for this fun trip to Pondicherry and for your amazing blog. It is so exciting to go with you to the ends of the earth to serve a mission together on the frontier of the Church here in Chennai India. I am a lucky man to be associated with you and to be your companion of our mission and for eternity. Love, Bob

Jenny said...

looks like you found a gem here

Chris said...

I love the hanging chair. I am such a lounger. Is that a profession? because if it is I could earn top $$$ for my talents in this field.