Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Pondicherry is a small city three hours south of Chennai. It was settled by the French and in the old quarter you can see big doors and walls and once in a while you get a glimpse of cool, green gardens.
We have visited there twice. The first time we ate at tables on the sand and this time the same area was being changed into a beach side patio.
After the tsunami the beach was lined with huge, protective rocks.
Pondicherry was established in 1742 by the French. Many came to conquer but the French always won and maintained the area under their rule until 1954. Joan of Arc is still a presence to this day.
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Jenny said...

Rick Steves better watch his back - you could put him out of a job!

Elizabeth said...

I know all about Pondicherry because of reading LIfe of Pi. Great book! Glad you could get away on a little jaunt.

Bob and Joan said...

The first trip here a few months ago was a little jaunt but this one was strictly business.