Wednesday, February 11, 2009

There Are Snakes In Our Camera!

This picture doesn't go with this blog. It's fruit salad from the Christmas buffet at the American Restaurant. Our family had a tradition of eating what was called a Dixie Salad. The recipe came from pioneer days in the St. George, Utah area. Pomegranates were a key item giving out a quick surprising flavor as we enjoyed the sweet harvest of fruit. When I saw all these choices on the buffet table it was a very happy moment.

We just got a "wonder" if we have been very busy so we haven't blogged. We have been very busy but that is not the reason for the lack of blogs. We haven't blogged because of a VERY unhappy moment. There were snakes in our camera and one of us would not take them out and the other one of us kept forgetting until late at night and then being good missionaries we knew that we had to stop working and get some sleep so we could make it through the next day.

Anyway the snakes are out now so there is no chance that they can get in our computer and have to be seen every time we blog so now we will blog - whenever we are not too busy.

You are probably wondering about snakes in a big, major city. We took the young missionaries on an outing and the last stop was a famous reptile park. One of us stayed in the bus and the other one went nuts with the camera. So grateful for digital cameras and quick erase.

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Jaime said...

snakes? like real snakes? in your camera bag? consider your adventure authentic!

Jaime said...

Snakes in your camera or on your memory card? Either way it sounds like you need a mongoose! Post an itinerary of your upcoming travels and then fill us on the details after. -JACK

Elizabeth said...

You couldn't even look at pictures of them Mom. Too funny.

Jenny said...