Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Does Anyone Near Our Age Remember Clifton's In Los Angeles?

The desert room, yes we said room made us both remember a restaurant in Los Angeles where we ate with our grandmothers when we were young. There is even a possibility that we could have been there on the same day long before we had met.
Clifton's was a cafeteria with hot steamy tables at the back but the huge dinning room was softly lit and full of fountains with floating gardenias.
As a young child you just where not prepared for the abundance of food. You made your way down a lane that just gave you a hint of the dinning room. Then at the back you passed through a door and you were in the hot, noisy steam table line. It was impossible to choose the food you wanted. You had the greatest desire to see it all and there was not enough time. Just when you thought chicken would be best you looked ahead and five feet away was roast beef and mashed potatoes and gravy. Finally you started pointing and the ladies handed you little bowls and plates until there was no more room on your tray and then after paying at the cash register you looked up and there were helpers to carry your trays through the darkened room. They seemed to know just where to go to find an empty table and soon you were tasting food and not being disappointed. The buffet at the Sri Lanka Hilton was definitely NOT disappointing.
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Jaime said...

Not sure how it tasted, but it looks absolutely fantastic. Hope it was as good to the taste as it was to the sight!

Elizabeth said...

Wow! I am glad you are getting, what I am sure is, a much needed respite.