Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Rain On The Roof!

This was a picture taken in the first big rain of the wet season soon after we arrived in India. We had things to do so we were out in it.
The second day it was still raining and we had to go to the other side of the city. Several places were flooded but we still got home all right.
Tonight I was going through the pictures on my computer trying to finish up on all the fun "goodbyes" we had before we left for India. The weather had been gray through the day and the wind was delightful giving us a lovely 81 instead of the usual low 90's. All of a sudden I heard a sound like a bottle of oil poured into a hot pan. Monsoon! We darkened the apartment and watched the light pattern of the street lamp as water streamed out of the sky and fell on the pavement below us. It made Niagara Falls look like a kitchen faucet. Our first big rain almost a month ago only lasted two days. If it rains three days in a row it shuts the city down. We will see what this storm brings.
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