Tuesday, November 18, 2008

More Collections and Then The Post Office!

A collection of Disneyland hats was another group on our list, but with so many grandchildren to play dress up we kept this one. Many other items were bundled to the front porch and then loaded into our little pickup truck to be given away. Finally, Thursday arrived and we knew that a letter was possible. Since our mail delievery was at 5:00 PM at 8:00 AM we were in front of the post office. Our carrier was not through sorting yet so we sat in the car for ten minute and then back in the post office to see the carrier grinning as he handed us the coveted envelope from Sal Lake City. In the car the envelope was opened and we learned we would go to India. WE WERE OVERWHELMED!
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Elizabeth said...

Yah! You are on a roll! Keep posating.