Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sisters and Brother

There is a lot to write about this day. In other posts you may have seen our giant font and maybe even a picture of the side with all the steep stairs. This young man was baptized and with his youth did fine. Likewise the daughter of the mature lady was fine. However, we all held our breath when the dear little mother began to climb. The building owner had still neglected to build our hand rail and our sister is blind. What faith she had. Then later we learned that she had a leg operation that was still in the healing stage. Her pain was intense. Next Sunday she was right on time for her confirmation. (Just for a little privacy we don't put too many names or private details, but it would be fun to tell you that the daughter is a PhD candidate and in chemical engineering.)
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Tamara said...

Wonderful stories and wonderful people! We love hearing about your experiences there.